San Andrés Atitlán, Sololá, Guatemala.
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Lakeview Terrace

San Andrés Lakeview Terrace is a luxurious country style subdivision with 82 lots surrounded by white fences and lush forests, all in the aweing view of Guatemala’s Lake Atitlan.  

The nine choices of house designs are charming and elegant and are available in three different sizes, which allow you to choose what is more suitable for your needs and likes. Naturally there is the option of designing your own home with an architect of your liking. They would need to abide by the condominium rules of course to ensure that the style of San Andres Lakeview Terrace is maintained.

The exclusive owners of a lot at SAN ANDRES LAKEVIEW T ERRACE will automatically acquire a  family membership at the TZUJ YAAH SPA which is part of the Angel Wings Resort & Spa hotel project.  This will allow you access to the sauna, steam room, hot pool & Jacuzzi, massage treatments, therapies, yoga and meditation classes.  You are also granted access to our five star restaurant & bar TRIXIANO´S.

Last but not least, we will have the honor of spoiling you with the world’s first and only amphitheater that uses the exceptional view of Lake Atitlan as its stage background during the variety of performing arts entertainment shows that are going to be held frequently.


Angel Wings Resort & Spa

We invite you to come and unwind, relax, and rejuvenate yourself at Angel Wings Resort & Spa. This distinctive English-American style hotel is made up of 100 junior, two semi-presidential and two presidential suites,  all of which will meet the standards of an elegant and cozy five star hotel stay. Each suite provides you with your own private view of beautiful Lake Atitlán which was nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2009 and which is with no doubt one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.   The hotel will have a five star restaurant named TRIXIANO´S (meaning “from San Andrés”) in honor of the beautiful locals of San Andrés Semetabaj, Solola. The lavishing spa TZUJ YAAH (meaning “water drop” in Kakchiquel) will be the first and only Neo-Maya inspired styled spa in the world that promises to leave you in awe of its jaw dropping, “out of this world” ambiance.  Not only is your heart, mind and soul guaranteed to be swept away by the unique Lake Atitlan and its soul rejuvenating  properties, but also the flora and fauna, the charming suites, and the one and only five star SPA and hotel restaurant.

Lucy W. Sturgill Intercultural Center

 Angel Wings Resort & SPA, in a special alliance with the LUCY W STURGILL FOUNDATION, will have a sports and cultural center area. This will hold an exact replica of a Mayan Ball Game Field in which you will have the chance to participate in or simply watch a traditional match. Additional to this, the center holds an astronomical lookout point (inspired by the ancient Mayans practices), a stage presented in the form of a pyramid for intercultural shows, and also classrooms for Mayan Math, archeology, epigraphy and a museum of archeological artifacts.  More specifically you will be able to be a part of and enjoy intercultural events, shows of ethnic music, the honoring of TZUJ YAAH, Princess of Peace event. To enhance the charm and uniqueness of your experience, there will also be an exclusive botanical garden that you will be granted access to where you can single-handedly interact with Mayan medicinal plants.